We love our patients — and we want them to love the care they receive!

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience and that they get the results they really need. See what they have to say about our practice!

C. Goldschmidt, Marysville, WA

The people at Cascade Ear Nose and Throat in Arlington are so sweet and helpful.

C. Hume, Arlington, WA

I have been going to this office for almost five years, and there has not been a visit I have not enjoyed; the staff is upbeat and wonderful. They socialize and make you feel welcome. The nurses are caring and considerate. They try to satisfy your needs as much as possible. The patients in the waiting room are pleasant too. The atmosphere in the building is energetic, high-spirited, warm, and welcoming. There is no doctor’s office I enjoy more. The receptionist is always willing to help as much as possible. They are respectful and patient toward me.

C. Ihde, Mount Vernon, WA

After having two sinus surgeries, 10 years apart, with wonderful results, I couldn’t figure out why I would have a drainage problem. So I returned to my doctor at the clinic, and he suggested having an allergy test, which, to my surprise, showed I did have allergies. This led to my being treated.

I have been treated with great respect and efficiency by all, and I have no complaints whatsoever.

H. Rasmussen, Burlington, WA

The staff at the allergy clinic is friendly and helpful. Since I started the allergy injections, I have not been sick at all. After spending years dealing with sinus infections and bronchitis, this has made a huge difference in my life.

S. Odle, Sedro-Woolley, WA

My time with the clinic has been excellent, and the treatment results have been beneficial. The staff has been professional and supportive. My allergy regimen has provided a significant improvement in my symptoms. I certainly recommend the program to anyone suffering allergy problems.

Your most grateful family, Arlington, WA

Cascade Ear Nose and Throat has performed ear tube placement surgery on two of our children. After the procedures, we felt the experience was one that needed to be told.

The service provided by the staff throughout the process was beyond exceptional. Seeing our children go through medical procedures, regardless how big or small, causes an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

While looking to the medical staff for accurate information, compassion, and comfort, the team at Cascade Ear Nose and Throat have exceeded each of these qualities to the highest level.

Not only would we recommend the Cascade Ear Nose and Throat to family and friends, but we will also continue to remain patients, knowing our medical needs will be addressed with excellence.

W. Miller, Anacortes, WA

SKIN CANCER — FRIGHTENING! However, on my visit to Cascade ENT, I immediately discovered that all staff personnel were completely disarming and put me at ease. Each one displayed a high degree of competency and professionalism.

Dr. Gary Brown gave me confidence from the beginning, but during surgery I gained greater respect for his ability. He is just GREAT! I will return to him for further skin cancer surgeries.

S. Lamb R.R.T., Mount Vernon, WA

I have been a registered respiratory therapist for 20 years. I have been deaf in my left ear and HOH in my right ear since I was 8 months of age. I first began wearing hearing aids at age 26 with the analog era.

Now as I am getting older, I find my deafness beginning to affect my ability to enjoy life around me and my ability to perform successfully in my career in the health care field.

Shonie was able to:

  • Listen to my needs

  • Match me with the best Bluetooth® capable hearing aid

  • Efficiently fine-tune the hearing aid to best meet my needs

Next, Shonie was able to assist me in finding a stethoscope that works with my hearing aid through iCOM’s Bluetooth converter/router.

Through the use of these devices, I was able to eliminate the need to remove and replace my hearing aid up to 60 times in a 12-hour shift. The digital stethoscope amplifies the volume to achieve excellent hearing ability. Thanks, Shonie, for decreasing my frustration and giving me my confidence back.

K. Zerby, Sedro-Woolley, WA

The medical and emotional care that the staff, nurses, and doctors showed at Cascade Ear Nose and Throat was, in truth, excellent. They made sure my son knew what was ahead and that I was aware of every step in the procedure. They made me feel as though my son was in good hands, and when they were done I knew he had been. They do not treat my son as though he doesn’t know anything, and they treated me and my family with immense respect. I give them a A++.

J. Olmstead, Mount Vernon, WA

Another fabulous/informative presentation to enlighten our HOH group. One member commented, “I believe she’s the most knowledgeable person we have ever had on hearing aid devices.” Thank you so much for your contribution to the education of Skagit HLA!

P. Stephens, Mount Vernon, WA

I was becoming very insecure with my hearing loss. This led me to quit my volunteer duty, as answering the phones was a nightmare for me. Happiness is having my hearing back with my new aids. I can now hear sounds I had forgotten; the phone is no longer a problem. The most precious time to me is being with family — enjoying conversations that I can hear and they are not shouting at me. Thank you for giving me back my hearing!

C. Ladwigh, Mount Vernon, WA

The warm, padded surgery table set me at ease immediately! Other surgery centers don’t offer this. This is a huge plus! Also, the nurses helped make sure I was comfortable. All of the staff members were excellent!

H. Nakaso, Anacortes, WA

Everyone associated with this center is EXCELLENT! The information and compassion shown by every staff person was exemplary of desired patient care. The level of expertise, caring, and customer service shown by this center is something others should follow.

L. Wyler, Anacortes, WA

I have volunteered at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, for over 15 years. My husband, now retired, was on staff there. One project that involved every aspect of the hospital, and a committee on which I served, was the development of “Experience Excellence.”

This meant that not only excellence in medical outcome but also patient satisfaction and customer service. It also meant staff working together for the same goals. Your practice demonstrates the achievement of this excellence, and you are to be congratulated.

K. Ferwerda, Lake Stevens, WA

Dr. Johnson is my angel!

N. Bowdridge, Burlington, WA

Everyone was very nice and went out of their way to please me. I have recommended Dr. Gross to a lot of my friends in the past.

M. Schmidt, Friday Harbor, WA

I have a three-and-a-half-year-old son who was having his ears tested at Cascade Medical ENT. I was so impressed with Shonie Hannah and how she treated Matthew. He was smiling the entire time as she “played” with him throughout the hearing assessments. She made him feel proud, and, to be honest, he was disappointed when the session was over. I was also treated with utmost respect. She was kind and professional — two important qualities to have for a health care professional. Thank you, Shonie!

M. Henry, Anacortes, WA

All of your staff are great. Dr. Gross was very personable and easy to work with!

R. Garrett, Mount Vernon, WA

Thank you for being so patient and kind on our surgery day and very helpful to advise us and follow-up. One word to sum up Dr. Grant: awesome! He is so talented, incredibly gentle, and kind. Your office consistently provides high-quality, family-centered care. Thank you!

J. Groves, Arlington, WA

I am the typical scared, protective momma. Your whole team was amazing from reception to end. Thank you!

M. McCulloch, Friday Harbor, WA

The nurse who briefed me was so very nice; exceptionally nice was the surgical help nurse.