Hearing Aids

At Cascade Ear Nose and Throat, we pride ourselves on fitting the highest-quality hearing aids available on the market today, expertly programmed to meet the demands of your lifestyle.

Hearing aids come in a variety of designs and with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual’s specific needs. The most basic components include a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and (in the case of digital hearing technology) a small computer. The unprecedented effectiveness of modern digital hearing devices comes from a powerful combination of professional expertise, software, and hardware. We provide hearing testing at our locations in Mount Vernon, Arlington and Anacortes to better diagnose which hearing aids fit your hearing care needs.

Hearing_Aid_StylesHearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles. Sizes range from Behind-the-Ear (BTE) to Completely Invisible. Based on the results of your hearing test and your personal hearing needs, your audiologist will make a recommendation on which hearing aid style will work best.


Warranty_PlusHearing Aid Fitting and Follow-up

We offer straightforward, honest advice to help you find the hearing solution that’s right for you. And once we’ve found the perfect technology, every one of our patients receives comprehensive instruction to help you make the adjustment to the sound and features of your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Repairs


AccessoriesHearing Aid Accessories

Learn more about hearing aid accessories available at Cascade Ear Nose and Throat. Assisted Listening Devices are specialized technologies that help people with all degrees of hearing loss.

Assisted Listening Devices

Protection_PlusProtection Plus

Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life through better hearing. Protect your investment with insurance coverage for your hearing system, protecting you from loss and accidental damage.


Finance_OptionsAffordable Hearing Aids

We are committed to your hearing health and overall quality of life. Find out how affordable hearing healthcare can be with our convenient payment plans.