Hearing Care Services

Our expert staff at Cascade Ear Nose and Throat provides hearing care services that are designed at every step of the way to improve your quality of life.

Whether you are having trouble communicating due to hearing loss, struggling with the constant burden of ringing in your ears, or seeking dependable, expert advice about today’s best hearing aids, we offer a level of experience and quality care that you won’t find anywhere else. Each of our Audiologists is licensed, holds a Master’s Degree or Audiology Doctorate and is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. We work closely with our board-certified otolaryngologists to evaluate your needs.

We provide services for patients of all ages — from newborns to the elderly. These services include various tests to help us fully understand your needs. When appropriate, we recommend only the most up-to-date digital hearing aid technology and precisely fit it to your ears and your hearing needs, for exceptional comfort and sound quality. We offer services at our office locations in Mount Vernon, Arlington, and Anacortes, Washington.

Audiology Department

Hearing Aid Center

  • Real Ear Measurement tests, including Visible Speech Mapping, to verify the benefit from your hearing devices
  • Customized patient care
  • We offer the most up-to-date digital hearing aid technology
  • Ongoing follow-up visits
  • Hearing aid batteries and accessories
  • Assistive listening devices
  • In-office and manufacturer hearing aid repair and earmold modification
  • Custom hearing protection devices
  • Custom Swim plugs
  • Custom Musicians’ hearing protection and monitors
  • Custom molds for earbud earphones